The Christian Workshop

The Man Behind the Shop 

Tim Kennedy working in his workshop

Christian Workshop was founded in the summer of 1971 by Tim Kennedy. He started out with a backpack full of leather tools and $40.00 in a tiny shop in old downtown Melbourne, Florida. While living in the back room of the leather shop, he applied his creativity, skills and hard work to build a modest, but honest and reputable business. Learning the trade the hard way -- by reading, studying the work and picking up tips from other craftsmen along the way -- has given Tim a unique perspective of his craft. His ability to work with a wide variety of materials and construction styles to produce reasonably priced articles of superb utility, durability and elegance have been hallmarks of Tim's business for over four decades. Christian Workshop has grown to the point that we now have a 4,500 square-foot facility with an impressive array of machines and inventory.


Tim will be the first to let you know that all of this good fortune is not merely because of his hard work or "luck." He has a firm belief and dependence upon the providence of God, hence the name Christian Workshop, and the motto, "Eximus Et Gratis Dei" -- In Gratitude to God. We are confident that if anything needs a case, a cover, a harness, a bag, a sheath or whatever, we can make it, make it right, and at a reasonable price!

The History Behind the Shop

Over the years, we've been able to make an abundance of different products, and some of our proudest would be the custom single orders that we get from everyday people. The Christian Workshop is more than just a workshop, it is a ministry. So as people come in and the bells at the top of the door jingle as they swing open the door, God is doing His work, blessing us with yet another opportunity to spread His love through the gifts He has given us.


This is a place where you can take a glance through the history of Tim Kennedy's Christian Workshop, and see the many fun, intriguing jobs that have come about as well as a bit of family history at the shop!

The pictures in this album is a collection of several unique products that have been hand-crafted within the walls of the Christian Workshop. Some of these products are personal items and some designed specifically for the military contractors that we still partner with today.